Adarsh - daily deposit

Benefits of Daily Deposit Scheme at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.

This Daily Deposit Scheme will encourage the members of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. to develop a habit of saving on a daily basis. It will also enable them to deposit money every day from their home or work place itself. It will help them save for their future financial requirements.

The members can start with deposits as low as ₹10 per day. You can save enough money along with earning an attractive interest as well. It is popularly known as Pigmy Deposit.

The advantage of opening a Daily Deposit Account is that the depositor would be able to save certain sums on a daily basis so that he/ she would be able to meet an anticipated liability or obligation after the end of a specified period.

The minimum tenure is 1 year and maximum tenure is 2 years for a Daily Deposit Scheme.

Additionally, the minimum amount of investment is Rs. 10 for Daily Deposit Scheme and post that, deposits can be made in multiples of 5.

Adarsh Credit provides daily deposit scheme at the interest rate of 8% for 1 year and 10% for 2 years.

There is a premature facility that is available at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society as per applicable circular.

Adarsh Credit also has loan facility available against Daily Deposit Scheme. All its members can avail maximum 60% loan against their investment amount in DDS (Minimum Deposit Balance Rs. 1000/-). The interest rate will be applicable as per rules of the Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.

Adarsh - investment Schmeme

Adarsh Credit helps you choose the right investment scheme!

Opting for the right scheme is one of the biggest hurdles that are faced by many new investors. You should be able to define an objective of why are you investing. Let’s go through various schemes and their benefits.

Fixed deposit:

A fixed deposit is a high-interest-yielding term deposit that is offered by major financial institutions in India. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society offers this scheme for various tenures which the members can choose as per their requirement. Also, Adarsh Credit offers attractive interest rates that are based on the tenure of the Fixed Deposit.

12 9.00
24 9.00
36 9.50
48 9.50
60 10.00

Recurring Deposit:

Recurring Deposit is a special kind of term deposit is also offered by major financial institutions. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society helps people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Recurring Deposits.

12 9.00 1,259.00
24 9.50 2,643.00
36 10.00 4,187.00
48 10.00 5,871.00
60 10.50 7,820.00
72 10.75 9985.00
120 11.00 21262.00

Daily Deposit:

Even the smallest savings count on a rainy day. Daily Deposit Scheme is a popular product which works on the same philosophy. Adarsh Credit provides this scheme with as low as ₹10 per day; you can save enough money along with earning an impressive interest as well. It is popularly known as Pigmy Deposit.

12 8.00
24 10.00

Monthly Income Scheme:

The Monthly Income (MI) is a unique scheme provided only by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, where members can invest a lump sum amount and get returns every month till the end of the tenure after adding a special interest rate. Members from Adarsh Credit can choose investment amount along with the duration and earn interest on the same.

12 8.50 70.83
24 8.50 70.83
36 9.00 75.00
48 9.00 75.00
60 9.50 79.17
72 9.50 79.17

So in which scheme do you want to invest? Not sure? Place an inquiry and we will help you decide the right option for you.


Adarsh Credit Co-operative society inaugurates new corporate office in Ahmedabad

India’s leading Credit Co-operative Society, Adarsh Credit opened its new corporate office in Ahmedabad. The office is located in a prime location of the city. Mr. Rahul Modi, MD and Ms. Damyanti Bhandari, Executive Vice President had inaugurated the office in Ahmedabad.

The new corporate office brings all departments together and the whole space is designed to reflect the personality of their business. The office is designed to help boost employee productivity and, in turn add to the company’s growth.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has set a target of opening 1 lakh micro-branches across India to provide financial services to villages along with employment opportunities to more than 25000 people each year till 2020. Adarsh Credit also introduced a mobile application for transactions for its members in 2016 as well. It is a proud moment for Adarsh Credit that over 95% of all their financial transactions are done using Adarsh Money Mobile Application.

This mobile application was introduced with an extended thought of having a cashless economy. Adarsh Credit not only introduced a cashless way of doing transactions but also introduced technological advancements in the financial industry.

The new corporate office is yet another huge step towards this goal. It will accommodate more than 350 employees. It has an open floor and all departments are working together. The main objective behind the open floor was to have a flat hierarchy and an open environment.

The office is situated on the 4th floor of Zodiac Square, Opp. Gurudwara, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad. This new technologically advanced corporate office will ensure that the team will take Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to a whole new level. All the departments can sit as a team and collectively enhance the quality of work and productivity.
This is a major milestone for Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society and hopefully will keep achieving more of these.