Train the trainer

Adarsh Credit organizes “Train the trainer” program in Ahmedabad

The leaders of an organization have a lot of responsibility on them. It is their duty to motivate and encourage the people working under them. They are also the role models for their advisors. Hence, they need to set an example for them. Adarsh Credit understands the significance of good leaders in an organization and thus held a “train the trainer” program wherein leaders of Adarsh were provided proper guidance. This program aimed to inculcate a sense of co-operation amongst its leaders.

Adarsh Credit – Encouraging leaders

“Train the trainer” seminar organized by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. taught leaders the technique to work together in a team with positive thinking. The first part of the program focused on how to get things done in an organization smoothly. It is essential for the leaders to guide their advisors in the right direction. Therefore, Adarsh Credit also focused on this significant point and explained them how to mould the mindset of people amongst their team and lead them towards the goal. Additionally, time management and income management were also discussed during the first part of the program.

Leaders need to think in advance on behalf of the advisors and prepare a plan accordingly. However, prioritizing is also equally important when planning for the future. In the second part of the program, they also informed their leaders about setting priorities before planning for the future. They also explained the importance of allocating resources and maintaining relationships.

In the next stage of the program, they discussed various ways to reach out to the deprived sections of the society. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. was developed on the foundation of uplifting the rural sector of society. Hence, they organize several meets in rural areas to promote the importance of savings. This learning was also passed on to leaders during the third part of “train the trainer” program. Moreover, they were also taught the importance of co-operation in a team. You can also read more about it here!

During the last stage of the program, the managing director of Adarsh Credit – Mr. Rahul Modi discussed future plans with the leaders. In addition to Mr. Modi, the heads of different departments also addressed the leaders about several problems encountered on the field. They also provided appropriate legal and technical solutions for the challenges faced.

Adarsh Credit thus realizes the importance of good leaders and their impact on organizations. “Train the trainer program” was a success and it saw participation from all the leaders of the organization.

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sap forum

Adarsh Credit – Proud to be associated with SAP FSI Forum in London

Digitalization has brought in huge changes in the financial sector. In fact, DBS estimates that financial institutions those are not able to adopt a digital model may see a drop in ROE by ~18% over a five-year timeframe. Digitalization is also beneficial to people. Adarsh Credit understands the significance of digitalization in financial sector and hence, has been a part of SAP Forum since two consecutive years.

Adarsh Credit – Part of a global platform

The visionary and founder of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. had a dream to make Adarsh a “case study” in foreign countries. Adarsh Credit has realized that dream by making people aware about the progress made by them in the financial sector. Rahul Modi, the managing director at Adarsh Credit was an honorable speaker at SAP FSI Forum. He shared the story of Adarsh and mentioned about the technological advancements made by them.

It was an immensely proud day for us as Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. was part of a global platform. Rahul Modi got a chance to tell his story through a panel discussion as well as an interview. Many delegates who participated at the Forum were shocked to see our progress has made in digitalization of its financial initiatives. This forum brought together more than 500 insurance and banking delegates and financial services experts from over 40 countries. Delegates from other two Indian insurance organizations were also a part of the Forum. During this visit, Rahul Modi also got a chance to learn about the model of a prestigious society in London, Nationwide.

We have achieved several technological milestones. We are the only credit co-operative society to launch its own mobile application. We understand that mobile devices are a big part of people’s life, today. These devices play an important role for communication, shopping as well as consuming financial services.

Additionally, we at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., have also implemented IPSEC BO. This allows for end-to-end data encryption. Moreover, we have also installed firewalls for each branch to restrict unauthorized access.

We have also installed and implemented Network Access Controller for end-point security. To ensure business continuity and loss of data in case of any disaster, we have also setup real-time DR solutions. It helps to preserve the reputation of our members and partners.

The competition in financial sector is increasing with the constant digital advancements. Hence, it is crucial for financial institutions to engage its clients and deliver satisfying results.

Adarsh Credit is achieving new milestones every single day and making progress in the digital sector.

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