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Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society adopts Adobe Sign to avail its members with paperless financial services.

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has always been in news for its inclination towards digitization, and this fact is supported by yet another act, a tie-up with Adobe. Yes, Adarsh has now adopted Adobe e-sign which enables the members of the society to get rid of the physical KYC to carry out financial services and given access to the e-signatures that will be validated through smartphones.

Being a big supporter of the PM Modi’s directive for digitization, Adarsh started by introducing a mobile app which was enhanced within a period of 12 weeks to provide ease to its members. Now Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society is moving towards attaining complete digitization by a tie-up with Adobe for Adobe sign, to reach the goal of becoming completely paperless, cashless and branchless.

This tie-up will lead to easy and reliable documentation process by integration of e-signature with Aadhaar, to ease the process for members and ensure security and reliability.Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has a large number of awards in its kitty for embracing digitization.

Enlisting can begin from ‘Best Adoption of Technology in BFSI’ at the SAP ACE Awards, awards from VMWARE, FIPS, and many more.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has also done a strategic tie up with Oxigen services to provide financial inclusion to 1 lakh new villages. That’s not all, Adarsh is adamant in becoming completely digitized by adopting a secure financial system with blockchain implementation in India by holding hands with BankChain.

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has a lot more in store to adopt digitization, to know more about its activities towards digitization here.

Child care bond - Adarsh credit

Child care bond- An initiative by Adarsh to secure your child’s future

Adarsh Credit never fails to assist its members by keeping them satisfied with its various products and services, helping them to choose the right investment plans. Child care bond is one of those products which are lucrative enough to secure a future for the funds with the best term deposit rates to offer.

By adding Child care bond to its kitty, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society provides its members a high-return deposit scheme to get six times returns on their investment after the tenure of 20 years. With this scheme, we ensure that you get a secured future, for your child or as a support for your old age.

Child care bond allows you to embark with a minimum investment amount of ₹1000 followed by investments in multiples of ₹100. This amount has to be kept for the tenure of minimum 20 years and premature withdrawal is not an option for this scheme. However, you get facilities such as nomination and a high return rate that is six times your invested amount.

Child care bond to secure your child’s future

Just view Child care bond with a perspective of a child care plan, and you will start realizing how ideal this plan is to secure your child’s future. Investing your current savings with a bare minimum amount of ₹1000 today will safeguard your child’s future to fulfill all their dreams and paint a secure future.

This scheme is beneficial in all the possible ways to start saving from an early stage, although the facility for a loan is not available but owing to the extremely high return rate of six times the invested amount within 20 years of tenure, this scheme is a win-win.

As they say, it’s never too late to begin, so start investing in this term deposit as the earlier you start, quicker will be the returns.

Enticing enough to start investing?  Visit http://adarshcredit.in/child-care-bond/ to know more about Child care bond.

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society

Adarsh Credit- A truly co-operative multi-state society

While being a lot of co-operative societies India, it takes some concrete efforts to stand apart.  But through years of hard work and excellent financial services, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. has won hearts of more than 2 million people across the country. Since the inception in 1999, we have progressed in our journey to be one of the best credit co-operative societies in India. And today, with more than 800 branches, Adarsh Credit has become a multi-state co-operative society. Read more