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Reasons to invest in fixed deposits & avail high fixed deposit interest rates

From the plethora of investment options flooding around you in all the sectors, it can be a tough task to select the apt one for you. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here to rescue you from this situation by providing the most beneficial out of all the options.And the verdict is a fixed deposit. Yes, fixed deposits are one of the most beneficial options to invest your money and get high returns owing to the high fixed deposit interest rates provided by certain organizations.

Now there might be a number of questions that are popping into your mind regarding fixed deposits and investment benefits. So here are a few reasons that will acknowledge you about benefits of fixed deposit and investment in it.

  • Safety is assured when you are investing in fixed deposits along with high-interest rates
  • A good short-term investment option can be seen in fixed deposits as you can avail benefits with high fixed deposit interest rates
  • Fixed deposits can also be made a permanent source of income as you can get interested paid out at regular intervals
  • High fixed deposit interest rates are provided by many organizations that can lead to a higher savings amount as well as high returns

And if you are thinking that the fixed deposit interest rates may vary then we have brought a list of things that affect these interest rates.

  • Government policies
  • Recession
  • Inflation
  • Economy

So, the basic concept of fixed deposit, reasons to invest in it and the factors affecting fixed deposit interest rates are clear and you might be willing to start your investment now right? Have a look at all the details about Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s fixed deposit scheme and start getting high returns!!

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5 things to consider before opening a high-interest savings account

When you are planning to open a savings account that can secure your money as well as provide you with high savings account interest rates, then there will be a number of things that demand consideration and thinking. Well, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here with such 5 things that need your attention before opening a savings account.

Have a look at these things and start considering them before opening a savings account.

  • Whether it is a no-frills account or not

Always try to open a no-frills account as it can make management a lot easy for you. You don’t need to maintain a minimum balance to retain your account. Adarsh Credit offers such zero balance high-interest savings accounts to provide high benefits to its members.

  • Penalties

Make a detailed research about the penalties that you will be charged and under what circumstances and conditions. Mostly organizations levy taxes and penalties for various reasons such as non-maintenance and other factors.

  • Savings account interest rates

Opt for an organization that provides a high-interest rate with the savings account. Well, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has a savings account that offers 7.5%* per annum that compounded quarterly.

  • Internet and phone banking

In today’s digital era, if the account that you are holding cannot be accessed by phone and laptops then it will be of no use and time-consuming. So make sure that the savings account you are opting for provides these facilities.

  • Advanced features

Look out for any extra features or services that are provided by the organization along with high-interest savings accounts. As these facilities such as nomination facility, number of transactions etc. are highly beneficial for your savings.

Hope these things will help you to get highly beneficial and high interest savings account. So, start working on these things now and if you want to get further details visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society or browse through


Short-term investment schemes-Adarsh Credit

Advantages of choosing short-term investment schemes by Adarsh Credit

Investment proves to be one of the most important decisions of one’s life as it is a step that can secure your wealth and provide you return after a certain period of time. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society understands the importance of investments in one’s life and so has brought all the financial products that can provide high interest and term deposit rates.

From all the investment schemes that are provided by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, the most profitable and worth investment schemes for people looking for higher returns within a short period are short-term investment schemes. These schemes are tailored so as to provide higher returns on small investment amounts within a short period of time. There are various options to choose from among the Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s short-term investment schemes.

But before starting your investment in these short-term investments schemes, just have a look at the benefits of investing in short-term schemes:

  • Flexibility

This is one of the biggest advantages of short-term investments. You do not have to tie your money for a longer time and you can use them when required. Basically, there is more liquidity than long-term investment schemes.

  • Returns

With short-term investment schemes, you can get substantial and greater returns and that too within a shorter span. With various investment schemes popping all over, you can get higher returns on any invested amount.

  • Diversification

By investing small amounts in various short-term investment schemes, you can invest the remaining amount in more than one scheme. This can help you to diversify your portfolio and avoid getting all the money directed in one direction.

  • Risk

As the diversification increases, the risk of losing money decreases. The more places you invest in, the more can you get returns that are free from any kind of risks.

To view the short-term investment schemes by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society and starting your investment today, visit: Or you can even quickly visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit and bag all the details.