Give Secure future Gift to your child with adarsh credit

Be the Santa Claus for your children with Adarsh Credit

It is often said that children grasp the things better than an average adult. This is the reason why you teach your children good habits from a young age. And while you teach your children every possible thing which will be helpful later in their lives, don’t forget to share your financial knowledge with them too. Teaching them the art of savings and importance of various investment schemes will be highly beneficial to them as they will learn to make better financial decisions from a young age itself. They will grow up to be individuals who hold a strong financial sense and thus they will be able to secure a sound financial present and future for themselves.

With Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect time to do so. Become a Santa Claus to your children and gift them a valuable treasure of financial education as their gift rather than the traditional sweets. To make the task easier, we, at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, have suggested a few ideas for your new endeavour.

A savings account is a basic need

In this digital era, it is essential to have a savings account. It helps you carry out your routine transactions and plays a key role in making such transactions cashless. Such an account provides an easy access to funds and can help you manage your finances easily. Hence, educating your children on a savings account is a good way to start their financial journey. A savings account from Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has many benefits. Our savings account interest rates are high and the account is basically a No-Frills account i.e., there is no compulsion of maintaining a minimum balance in the account. Amazing, isn’t it?

Take your first step of investment

Do you remember saving your money in piggy banks during your childhood? Your habit has taken you a long way on your financial journey and now it is the right time to pass it to your children. Unlike old times when having a bank account was a luxury, help your children to deposit that money in various investment schemes. This will help them to get a real-life experience and expose them to a wide range of financial investments. Begin with a small investment scheme, wherein the deposits are small and the process is easy. Daily Deposit scheme by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is one such scheme which also fetches high-interest rates and is easy to manage.

Fixed Deposits- A secure way for investments

Children should know that while small savings fulfil the basic necessities of our life, long-term savings can fulfil their big desires. While many people invest their money in various investment schemes to fulfil their desires, such schemes can prove to be risky due to frequent market fluctuations. In certain situations, if these fluctuations turn to be negative, then you might lose your money. In such situations, fixed deposits can prove to be a safe bet. At Adarsh Credit, our fixed deposits offer long term and short term fixed-deposits which extend from 3 months to 10 years. Moreover, the fixed deposit interest rates are high which vary between 7-15.5%. Thus, children should learn that it is not necessary to risk money in order to get good returns. Rather, being wise while investing is more important.

Hence, encourage your children to involve themselves in your routine financial engagements. Sow the seeds early and enjoy the sweet and strong fruits. Let Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society be a reliable partner in your attempts by investing in our investment schemes. We wish you a very happy Christmas!

Double your income with adarsh credit

Adarsh Bachat Patra- A good way to double your investment from Adarsh Credit

There is always a lot of confusion when it comes to saving your money with the help of various investment schemes. You not only need to be wise but also need to be careful about it.

Adarsh Bachat Patra scheme is one of the investment schemes launched by Adarsh Credit which can be a wise choice for you under such confusion. To clear your doubts on the scheme, we have answered a few common questions. With the help of our answers, we hope to ease your worries of investment and help you make a clever decision for you and your family.

What is Adarsh Bachat Patra?

Adarsh Bachat Patra is basically, a term deposit introduced by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society wherein the beneficiary gets good returns after investing a sufficient amount in the scheme. The scheme is restricted to the members of the society only.

How does this investment scheme help you?

The Adarsh Bachat Patra scheme is of a great benefit to the members of the society. Not only does the term deposit helps you double your total investment at the end of the scheme’s tenure but also comes with the benefit of members’ exclusive services. Thus, if the amount which has been collected at the end of the tenure is Rs.1,000; then you get a return of Rs.2,000. In addition to this, we provide a nomination facility as well.

How much amount should be deposited in the scheme?

With the constant price rise in the market, it is essential to invest your money in good investment schemes. At Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, you can invest a low amount yet fetch good returns at the end. While there is no particular limit to the maximum amount of deposit in the scheme, the minimum amount for deposit is Rs.500. Further deposits have to be made in multiples of Rs.100.

What is the duration of the scheme?

At Adarsh Credit, we want our members to gain maximum benefit of our schemes. Hence, the Adarsh Bachat Patra has a mandatory duration period of 72 months for the scheme. There is no flexibility in choosing a term of a lesser duration. This helps us provide a decent amount to you at the end of the tenure.

Is there a pre-maturity clause?

Yes, the term deposit provides a pre-maturity payment facility in the scheme. Under the norms of the Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, you can utilize a pre-maturity payment facility after investing for a period of 36 months in the scheme. Further terms are applicable as per the rules of our society.

Does Adarsh Credit provide a loan against this scheme?

We, at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, want our investment schemes to be highly useful to you. We want them to help you whenever you are in need. Thus, like most of our schemes, the Adarsh Bachat Patra scheme also comes with a loan facility. You can apply for a loan of about 60% of your total invested amount after a period of 3 years of the scheme.

Remember, it is always better to ask before jumping to a conclusion, especially if it is about investing your money. Hence, for any further queries on Adarsh Bachat Patra, feel free to contact Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society.

Daily Deposit Scheme - saving account

Daily Deposit scheme- An aid to the common man

The common man is an integral part of the society and is affected by the activities carried out in the society. With the constant price rise and growing necessities, there is no relief to his aid. In such situations, a habit of savings is highly helpful.

Usually, the women of the house tend to save money or the children deposit collected pennies in their piggy banks. But instead of just saving that money, if you can fetch good returns on it, then that money is more useful. While there are many schemes wherein you can get good returns, it is wise to choose the one which fits your requirement. The Daily Deposit scheme, also known as Pigmy Deposit scheme, by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is a great investment option for the common man. The Pigmy scheme benefits you by letting you deposit a minimum amount on a daily basis and fetches good returns by the end of your tenure.

Let us know more about the Daily Deposit scheme.

  • A small amount, big savings

    You don’t need a big amount for investment in order to fetch decent financial returns, always. Being wise is more important. With our Daily Deposit scheme, even your minimum investments as small as Rs.10 and further ones in multiples of Rs.5 can fetch you decent financial returns.

  • Short-term investments

    The Pigmy Deposit scheme enables you to invest your money for a period of 1 or 2 years. This is a great advantage to you because such short-term investments help you use your money for multiple purposes and make your engagements, flexible. Hence, you don’t have to wait for years for the maturity of your investment. You can easily access it after a period of 1 or 2 years.

  • High interest rate

    While small investments help you grow financially, high-interest rates create a difference in your investment. In order to make that difference, the Daily Deposit scheme offers high interest rates. For a period of 12 months of deposit, the rate of interest is 8% whereas for a period of 24 months, it is 10%.

  • Pre-maturity of the scheme

    We, at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, are highly dedicated to helping our members in crucial situations. Hence, if you want to withdraw your money from scheme due to any reason, you can do so with the help of the prematurity facility. This facility can be availed after a period of 3 or 12 months depending upon the tenure of your investment, under certain conditions.

  • Loan facility

    Under unpredictable situations, if you are in need of a loan, then there is a provision of loan facility under the Daily deposit scheme. If your minimum deposit balance is Rs.1,000, then you can take a loan of maximum 60% against your minimum deposit balance. Further, the interest rates are applicable as per the rules of our society.

So, don’t let your hard-work wash away with the increasing expenses. Save your money and fetch good returns in future with our Daily Deposit scheme. Visit Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to know more about the scheme.