Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society

5 Reasons to become a member at Adarsh Credit

In India, Credit Co-operative Societies serve a major purpose of providing people with necessary financial aids and supporting them in their financial endeavors. Being one of the leading Credit Co-operative Societies of India, we at Adarsh Credit, consider this purpose as our major priority. Our promising benefits are highly appreciated by the members of our society which further motivates us to serve them better. The fact that we have more than 2 million members in our society only proves our commitment.

Read on to know about our appealing benefits and enroll as our member to avail them.

Fetch high-interest rates

One of the motives of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is to provide the best financial services at a reasonable expense to our members. Hence, most of our investment schemes offer high-interest rates at a reasonable expense to our members. This helps you to fetch good returns against the amount you have deposited in our investment schemes.

The minimum amount of deposit is low

An interesting aspect of our investment schemes is that you don’t have to deposit big amounts in them. A minimum amount which might be as low as Rs.10 can also fetch good returns to you after the end of the duration of your investment scheme. Thus, start investing immediately because even a small amount of savings can save you from unpredictable circumstances.

Attractive investment schemes

At Adarsh Credit, we don’t just talk about providing attractive benefits to our members but we also make sure that such benefits are provided to them. A few such benefits include our Adarsh exclusive products which carry special benefits for the members of our society. These schemes provide a high rate of interest and sometimes even for a short period of time. Moreover, the minimum amount of deposit is also low.

Access the digital world at your fingertips

We, at Adarsh Credit, are amused by the way digitization is opening new avenues and making everyone’s life simpler. It has bridged the gap between the rural and urban areas of India and has accelerated the speed of our day to day activities. In order to keep up with these developments, we have introduced a number of digital innovations in our society. One such major innovation is our Adarsh Money mobile application. It is the only mobile application launched by a Credit Co-operative Society in India which enables our members to carry out routine transactions anytime and anywhere.

Hassle-free process for registration

Unlike other financial institutions, you don’t have to undergo a stringent process in order to become a member of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society. Just submit a membership application form on our Adarsh Money mobile application for Advisors along with your KYC documents and at least one share of Rs.10. This share is a compulsory clause to become a member of society. You can also submit the form at any of our branches.

So, become a member at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society and enjoy these benefits. Visit our society to know more.