Rally for River

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society supports ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign

Water is the basic need of any living being and rivers are the main source of water we all consume. It’s not that we use water only for drinking but also for other purposes such as agriculture. If we consider India; on an average, a person requires 1.1 million litres of water every year which might get higher year after year.

On the contrary, the darker side is that the major rivers of India are getting dried. Many have almost vanished and the remaining ones are on the edge of drying or becoming seasonal. When there is rain, there is river and not otherwise! The pressure of infrastructure development and population increase is the core root of this crucial issue.

Present scenario

Brahmaputra, Godavari, Narmada, Yamuna, Ganga and many such rivers are our legacy and assets which fulfil almost 65% of our water needs. But unfortunately, these always-flowing rivers are depleting. If broadly seen, about one quarter part of the entire nation is turning into desert.

Rivers becoming seasonal

Flowing in monsoons and remaining dry for the rest of the season has become the scenario for these rivers. Plus, extreme monsoons and draughts have made a lot of crop failures throughout the nation. It is very vicious to state here that there is an expectation of welcoming even more extreme floods and droughts in the coming 20 to 50 years. Well, let us not think about the future now. But in the present situation also, too many cities are already facing water shortage every morning and some have to pay a lot more amount than the normal just to get one water bottle.

Ganga, Narmada, Cauvery and many such rivers have nourished us for centuries and now, they are drying. Isn’t it our responsibility to save them and nourish them back?

‘Rally for Rivers’ Campaign – The Solution

Under the leadership of Sadhguruji and Isha Foundation, the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign has been started to save these rivers and to create the awareness. Sadhguruji himself had driven a rally from Kanyakumari to Himalayas covering total 16 states and 23 events. Throughout 30 days, this rally lasted and created awareness across the nation.

Role of Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society being one of the most leading and renowned co-operative societies in India, stays always ready to support such issues for the betterment of the nation. We all at Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society enthusiastically support the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign. We have also requested all our members and advisors to join this cause and support it so that we all, together can save our lifelines.

Join this movement now by giving a missed call to +91 80009 80009.