Short term investment plan- Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit offers A-15 investment scheme for short-term investments

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society never fails to bring the most suitable and lucrative investment schemes for you. Whether it is for long-term investment or short term, there are all types of investment schemes in Adarsh Credit’s kitty. So start browsing through the various financial products by Adarsh Credit and select the one apt for your savings.

A-15 is one such term deposit product by Adarsh Credit that is tailor-made for the ones who are looking for investing in short-term investments. But, don’t get mistaken that if the tenure is short then the term deposit rates will also be lower. Instead, this investment scheme offers term deposit rates to give you a big amount of maturity of this investment scheme.

Why is A-15 the right choice for a short-term investment scheme?

A-15 is a term deposit product by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society exclusively available for its members only. When you avail this investment scheme, you are subjected to the tenure of 15 months and yes, you get the most competitive term deposit rates. This investment scheme offers a term deposit rate of approximately 10.98% which is compounded quarterly.

Moreover, you can get additional benefits such as nomination facility, loan facility, and secure returns. With short tenure, the minimum amount that you need to invest in this investment scheme is ₹5000 that is followed by further investments in the multiple of ₹200. When you make an investment of ₹5000, you get guaranteed maturity value of ₹5725 on completion of the tenure of 15 months.

A-15 is most suitable if you are not willing to lock your savings for a longer period of time and seeking term deposit rates to get maturity value that offers more benefits. And the additional benefit of loan can also be availed.

It’s time to put a period on your search for the most suitable investment scheme for short-term investment as you have found A-15. If you want to invest in this term deposit scheme or get more details about it than visit A-15 or your nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society.