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Adoption of new technologies has always been a key focus area for Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. to deliver innovative products and services to all its members and advisors/field workers. We sincerely believe that this enables organizations to unlock growth opportunities and serve the members/customers in a better way with new-age technology.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. has led the way for all the other co-operative societies in India on many instances. However, with the introduction of Adarsh Money Mobile Application in early 2014, we totally changed the game and brought about a paradigm shift in the co-operative sector in India.

The Adarsh Money Mobile Application is thoughtfully designed to meet the increasing member demands by shaping solutions to fit the realities of the modern day financial service institution. It enables us to improve the accessibility of member information and empower our advisors/field workers/ members to conduct financial transactions on a user-friendly and cost efficient application platform.

We hold the distinction of being the only credit co-operative society in India to launch its own mobile application ‘Adarsh Money’. Today, over 99% of our business transactions are done digitally through the Adarsh Money Mobile Application, which is, in fact a huge deal.

There are two types of our mobile apps :
1. Adarsh Money for Members
2. Adarsh Money for Advisors


The Adarsh Money for Members Mobile Application puts the power of digital transactions in the hands of all the members of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. Designed and developed in a way that makes it extremely simple and user-friendly to operate, Adarsh Credit App empowers the members to perform digital transactions anywhere and anytime with real time 24×7 transactions.

Through the application, the members can now check their balance, transfer funds to own or other accounts and can even recharge their mobile phones, data cards, and DTH along with bill payments of mobile phones, data cards and utility bills. Members also get Reward Points/ Cashback on recharges/ bill payments. Adarsh Credit has committed to the nation’s mission towards creating a Digital India and we sincerely believe that Adarsh Money Mobile Application for Members can help connect the rural parts of India with this path breaking mission.

Adarsh for Members
Adarsh for Advisor


The Adarsh Money for Advisors is a mobile app which empowers all our advisors to increase their productivity through anywhere and anytime work execution capability. It makes them self-sufficient with features that let them get their work done without lengthy approval processes or frequent travelling needs. Furthermore, this 24×7 application helps the advisors gain an unassailable competitive edge over other competing advisors in the market.

This Adarsh Money Mobile Application is designed with the central focus on daily business operations, providing features like collections, account opening, and financial transactions. Needless to say, this app has a grand success, which has resulted in substantial growth in the number of members, advisors and digital transactions in the co-operative sector.


Happy Rana can now do a lot more with Adarsh Money mobile application as we rolled out multiple new features recently. Now he doesn’t need to step out of his home and wait in a line to pay his bills or book bus tickets, nor does he have to carry his wallet everywhere to make purchases. The new Adarsh Money Mobile Application is everything our Adarsh Parivar wished for! With the support of our Members, We are poised to make India truly financially inclusive with our continuous innovation and technology adoption.


The Adarsh Money application is packed with numerous features that let our members do most of their financial transactions on the go through their smartphones in a fast, secure and easy way. Check account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, top-up your mobile wallets, and do much more 24×7. The application has breakthrough features like Touch ID, QR Code Scanning, UPI Gateway, and e-KYC. Explore everything you can do with the application in this video.

* Our new and updated app filled with new features is live now! Download/ Update it right now!


Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. is first in the entire credit co-operative sector of India to develop a mobile app for own society. By introducing Adarsh Money for the members and advisors, Adarsh Credit has further stepped towards the success in this niche. This mobile app is one-of-its-kind app with a plenty of robust features.

It has made millions of lives of our members easy by providing the ease of carrying out various financial procedures such as account opening, investments and other financial transactions. This app also allows bill payments and recharges of DTH, data cards, mobile phones, etc. The best thing is that Adarsh Money App allows the users to make real-time transactions 24X7.Through this app, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has contributed to make India truly digital.

Disclaimer: All the products and services of the Society are exclusively available for members of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. only.

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