Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society

Be a part of digital revolution with Adarsh Credit

The digital age is here and everything is available at your fingertips. You just have to relax and operate your electronic gadget to get your work done in a few minutes. And while the country is moving towards creating a ‘Digital India’, we, at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society stand in sync with the country through our Adarsh Money mobile application. In fact, we are the only credit co-operative society who has launched a mobile application.

Adarsh Money is one-of-its-kind app. Its aim is to connect the rural areas of India to the mainstream ones. The mobile application is user-friendly and all the transactions can be carried out in a secure manner.

Let us get to know more about Adarsh Money as further.

  • Explore the Adarsh Money app

Adarsh Money app is filled with interesting features to help your financial transactions sail smooth. We, at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, have put in our efforts to add interesting features in the app like Touch ID, QR code scanning, UPI, and e-KYC. Many services like account balance, pay bills, transfer of funds, can be availed with this app. Moreover, all the services are accessible anytime from anywhere. In addition to this, the app is fast, secure and reliable too.

  • Adarsh Money for Members

Adarsh Credit has come up with a special app for our member enabling them to perform digital transactions as per their convenience. With the help of Adarsh Money, you can check your balance, transfer funds to your own or other’s account, and can recharge your mobile phones and DTH as well. Why stand in a queue to use these services when you can do it on your phone?

  • Adarsh Money for Advisors

Adarsh Money for Advisors is specially designed to empower the productivity of our advisors by letting them focus on daily operations like account opening and financial transactions. It lets our advisors execute their work irrespective of the time and place. Complete your work whenever you wish, without any hurry.

Our quality services to our members and advisors have made the app successful for us. Today, nearly all our members use this Adarsh Money mobile application for their day-to-day transactions. Using this app on an everyday basis will not only help you to digitize your life but also to our country as well. Life will become simpler and our country will grow to be prosperous.

To understand more about our Adarsh Money mobile application, visit Adarsh credit co-operative society today.