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*Calculation is based on 365 days in a year.

*Calculations are based on regular installments and upon maturity, the actual calculation may vary if not maintained requisite criteria as per ACCS Ltd norms or by any default in installments


Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. provides you the most competitive financial products and services. We, at Adarsh, have a variety of investment schemes such as Fixed Deposits, Term Deposits, Daily Deposits and Monthly Income Scheme. Through these schemes, we cater the best interest rates to you so that you have good returns on maturity.

Different schemes have a different rate of interest for different tenures. It might be complicated for you to calculate the interest and maturity amount. To simplify the same, we have structured a calculator which comprises of FD calculator, MIS calculator, and Daily Deposit calculator. All you need to do in this financial calculator online is just insert a few details and you will be given the calculated maturity amount and the interest earned on your investment.

Disclaimer: All the products and services of the Society are exclusively available for members of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. only.

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