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7 Surprise expenses that can bring your investment schemes to a halt

Some of you might be saving for some financial goals, retirement or maybe a trip. But the fact is no matter how much you plan, budget or save, there will be a number of expenses that will just pop out of the blue to pour a big bucket of water on all your pre-decided plans. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here with a list of seven surprise expenses that will come whooshing towards you.

1. Car Expenses

Well, cars or any vehicles can invite any expenses at any point in time. Whether your car just breaks down or meets with an accident, you will have to pay the cost. Over and above that you have to pay car insurance premiums too. So, you need a backup investment scheme that will bear the expenses of your car.

2. Medical Expenses

When anything happens to you or your loved one’s health then these expenses are to be addressed immediately and they cannot be postponed or ignored. This situation or these kinds of expenses are sure to occur and demands an emergency fund even if you have health insurance covered.

3. Electronics

As the time passes, there will be advancements in technology and who does not love to walk hand in hand with the latest gadgets and technologies? So, in order to meet our need for buying all the latest gadgets and electronics you need an altogether different budget.

4. Home Repair Costs

Yes, there can be any sudden situation in your house that will need an immediate fix and you will have to spend on that too. And so in this case also you will need funds if the expense is too high. Of course, you might be investing in various investment schemes but then those were saved for a pre-decided expense right?

5. Surprise Gifts

Birthdays! How can you forget them? Whether it is of your beloved, friend, child or any family member, you have to buy a gift and obviously, you won’t have secured a special investment scheme for birthday gifts. If you are planning a gift for months then there are chances you might have everything secured. Otherwise, you have to secure an emergency fund for this too.

6. Education

This one is for the parents, who are aware of the tuition, schools and college fees that are soaring higher day by day. And most of the parents have secured funds or have investment schemes availed for these fees. But the fact that is overlooked by most parents are the little things such as a computer, laptop, extra-curricular activity supplies, hobby classes, school tours, and picnics, etc.

7. Social or Family Functions

You are already nodding your head when you read this line right? It is but obvious that all the family functions or social events add to your list of expenses, whether it is your own or you are attending someone else’s. Wedding, housewarming, get-togethers or baby shower, you have to spend a fortune.

In order to shield yourself from the above-mentioned surprise expenses, you need to keep a separate emergency fund by investing in highly beneficial investment schemes. The choice of these schemes should be such that you can get high returns which can be used in case of emergency. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has a few schemes that can prove to be of great help when such expenses arise.

Daily Deposit Scheme
Monthly Investment Scheme
Adarsh Bachat Patra
Adarsh 18
A-3 Deposit Scheme

Get all the information about these investment schemes and other financial products provided by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to start your investments today. You can even visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit to gain knowledge about various financial products.

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Plan for your retirement with various investment schemes by Adarsh Credit

Most people in India do not focus up to the required extent of their retirement and life after that in financial terms. There is a dire need for people to be aware of the expenses and financial needs. And even there are people who do not find investment schemes as a good option to save for their retirement.

There is a need to give everyone a reality check about the expenses that will be encountered after retirement. The reason being the number of expenses such as medical expenses that will be added to the regular expenses, making it a bit difficult to manage due to lack of regular earning.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here with a few factors that you need to focus on while planning for your retirement:

Make plans well in advance

Of course, you are aware of the time of retirement and the remaining time you have to save and invest as much as you can within that period. So, start planning and chipping in retirement investment from the day you realize it. It can be just now also, starting to plan and looking for various investment schemes can provide you enough savings.

Do not imitate

It is not at all necessary that the plans or investment schemes that worked for your friend, parents or relatives will work for you too. No, you have a completely different scenario as compared to others and so the decision is to be taken solely by analyzing your conditions. Imitating others will provide you with less or no support for life after retirement.

Look for long-term investment schemes with higher benefits

The reason to look for long-term investment schemes from now onwards is to get higher benefits when the time comes for retirement. Even Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society offers a number of highly beneficial long-term investment schemes that will support you with an amount to sustain through life after retirement. Here are some of the schemes for your review:

Never break any savings or investment schemes

You should never ever break the investment scheme that you have availed from half or go for using up the savings that you made for expenses after retirement. Whether it is any kind of emergency, keep a practice of keeping an emergency fund either. So, you can use this emergency back-up in case of any accidental huge expense.

Browse through Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to choose the perfect investment scheme that can help you save for retirement and enjoy life after that. You can even visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit to get all the information in person.

Short-term investment schemes-Adarsh Credit

Advantages of choosing short-term investment schemes by Adarsh Credit

Investment proves to be one of the most important decisions of one’s life as it is a step that can secure your wealth and provide you return after a certain period of time. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society understands the importance of investments in one’s life and so has brought all the financial products that can provide high interest and term deposit rates.

From all the investment schemes that are provided by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, the most profitable and worth investment schemes for people looking for higher returns within a short period are short-term investment schemes. These schemes are tailored so as to provide higher returns on small investment amounts within a short period of time. There are various options to choose from among the Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s short-term investment schemes.

But before starting your investment in these short-term investments schemes, just have a look at the benefits of investing in short-term schemes:

  • Flexibility

This is one of the biggest advantages of short-term investments. You do not have to tie your money for a longer time and you can use them when required. Basically, there is more liquidity than long-term investment schemes.

  • Returns

With short-term investment schemes, you can get substantial and greater returns and that too within a shorter span. With various investment schemes popping all over, you can get higher returns on any invested amount.

  • Diversification

By investing small amounts in various short-term investment schemes, you can invest the remaining amount in more than one scheme. This can help you to diversify your portfolio and avoid getting all the money directed in one direction.

  • Risk

As the diversification increases, the risk of losing money decreases. The more places you invest in, the more can you get returns that are free from any kind of risks.

To view the short-term investment schemes by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society and starting your investment today, visit: Or you can even quickly visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit and bag all the details.

A-3 investment scheme

Earn one and a half times benefit with the A-3 investment scheme

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society brings for you one of the highly beneficial investment schemes from its kitty. This term deposit scheme is tailored to attend the needs of a short-term deposit investment scheme along with care about high term deposit rates. As Adarsh Credit is known for providing the most lucrative and beneficial investment schemes and products, they have made sure that this time also they provide the members with high term deposit rates.

The A-3 term deposit scheme is designed for the members looking for an investment scheme that can provide them with all the benefits at high term deposit rates that too within a period of 3 years. Yes, the duration of the A-3 investment scheme is of 3 years.

After the completion of 3 years maturity period, you are eligible for a maturity amount of one and half times the deposit amount. The minimum amount for investing in the A-3 scheme is Rs.500 and it is further followed by further investment in multiples of Rs.100.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits and high term deposit rates, there are a number of additional benefits that are available by availing the A-3 term deposit scheme. One of them is that you get the premature withdrawal facility after one year as per the society’s terms and conditions.

You will also get the nomination facility along with this investment scheme. And if you are looking for loan facility then Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society will not disappoint you on this one too. You are eligible for loan facility up to 60% of the deposit amount.

So, without worrying much about the term deposit rates and future of the investment, visit Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to get details about each of the financial products to avail them and secure your wealth. You can also visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit to get information personally based on your investment plans.

Top 3 investment schemes by Adarsh Credit

Top 3 investment schemes by Adarsh Credit for short-term investment

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has a number of highly beneficial financial products that are ideal for securing your earnings. And as Adarsh Credit has an established name in providing the financial products that can provide you high-interest rates and term deposit rates.

So, here are the top 3 invest schemes that are ideal for you if you are looking for short-term investment by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society.

1. Daily Deposit investment scheme

This short-term investment scheme is the one that allows you investment as low as Rs.10 per day. These small investments can lead you to save enough money at the end of the tenure of the investment scheme. The major highlights of this scheme are as follows:

• The minimum amount for investment is Rs.10, followed by further investments in multiples of Rs.5
• Minimum tenure is 1 year and the maximum is 2 years
• The interest rate for 1 year is 8% and for 2 years it is 10%
• The premature withdrawal facility is available subject to society terms and conditions
• Loan facility is available for a maximum of 60% of their invested amount

Get all the information of daily deposit scheme at

2. A-15 term deposit product

To avail great term deposit rates, Adarsh Credit brings the A-15 term deposit product for you. This scheme is exclusively available for the members of the society and gives high maturity amount on investment. The key points of this scheme are mentioned here,

• Get maturity amount of Rs.5,825 on investment of Rs.5,000
• Duration of this scheme is of 15 months
• Minimum investment amount is Rs.5,000 and further in multiples of Rs.200
• Nomination facility is available
• Loan facility is available of maximum 60% of the deposited amount

Get all the details about the A-15 investment scheme at or visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to start investing.

3. Adarsh 18 term deposit product

With this term deposit product, you get high term deposit rates along with other additional benefits in your kitty. To get a deeper insight into the features of the Adarsh 18 term deposit scheme, go through the below-mentioned points,

• Duration of this scheme is 18 months
• Maturity amount of Rs.6,200 on investment of every Rs.5,000
• Minimum investment amount Rs.5,000 followed by multiples of Rs.100
• Nomination facility is available
• Get a loan of a maximum of 60% against deposit amount

To view details of the Adarsh 18 term deposit scheme visit: and avail it now.

These were just a few schemes from the bag of financial products provided by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society. To know more about other financial products and investment schemes, visit: or you can visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society for getting detailed information.

10-year flexi deposit scheme - Adarsh Credit

Secure your money for 10 years with Adarsh Credit for high-interest rates

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is on its way to make all the financial products even more beneficial and flexible for its members. Continuing its contribution in providing various investment schemes that can secure the members’ wealth and give those benefits as well, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here with yet another such lucrative scheme.

A new form is given to the fixed deposit with higher flexibility and revamp in the fixed deposit interest rates, the new product is a 10-year flexi deposit scheme. This investment scheme is ideal if you are looking forward to investment a comparatively higher amount for a longer period of time.

To invest in this 10-year flexi deposit scheme, the minimum amount that you need to invest is Rs.1000 and further in the multiples of Rs.1000. You can invest as much amount as you want as there are varying interest rates for each and every amount range. The higher the amount the more fixed deposit interest rates you are applying for.

The tenure of this 10-year flexi deposit scheme is 120 months or 10 years after which you can get high benefits on your invested amount. The interest rates vary from 13.50% to 15.00%, subject to the amount invested. If you are investing an amount of 1 Cr or above then you can get an interest rate of 15.00%.

Apart from these highly beneficial fixed deposit interest rates, there are additional benefits that are an add-on with this 10-year flexi deposit scheme. These benefits include premature withdrawal facility available after 3 years with varying interest rates depending on the duration after which you are investing.

Visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to get all the information about 10-year flexi deposit scheme and start investing now!

You can also get all the details by visiting,

investment with th A-18 -Adarsh credit

Adarsh Credit offers high term deposit rates with the A-18 scheme

It is a tough task to convince oneself and trust any investment scheme with your hard earned money and Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society can act as a reliable option that gives high returns. There are a number of term deposit products and investment schemes that allow you to gain high benefits for your investment with high term deposit rates.

Out of all the financial product options for short-term investment, the latest A-18 term deposit scheme is the perfect choice for you as it has a shorter tenure and higher term deposit rate. You have to invest your wealth for a period of 18 months and get high benefits on your invested amount at the end of the tenure.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society makes sure that all the financial products are devised such that everyone can get benefit from it. You can invest any amount starting from Rs.5000 and after that, you can invest in multiples of Rs.100. So, you can get higher term deposit rates on a small investment for a short span of 18 months and gain benefits.

On an investment of Rs.5000, A-18 term deposit scheme provides Rs.6200 on maturity after 18 months. Apart from gaining high term deposit rates, you also get the benefit of nomination facility for this term deposit product.

In case you are thinking about the availability of loan facility, then Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society will not let you down. By investing in A-18 term deposit scheme you can avail the loan facility for a maximum of 60% against the amount that is deposited. The interest rates for availing the loan facility are subjected to society’s terms and conditions in the loan facility-term deposit section.

To avail high term deposit rates with the A-18 scheme, visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to get personal assistance. You can even get details about A-18 term deposit scheme and invest by visiting,

Short term investment plan- Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit offers A-15 investment scheme for short-term investments

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society never fails to bring the most suitable and lucrative investment schemes for you. Whether it is for long-term investment or short term, there are all types of investment schemes in Adarsh Credit’s kitty. So start browsing through the various financial products by Adarsh Credit and select the one apt for your savings.

A-15 is one such term deposit product by Adarsh Credit that is tailor-made for the ones who are looking for investing in short-term investments. But, don’t get mistaken that if the tenure is short then the term deposit rates will also be lower. Instead, this investment scheme offers term deposit rates to give you a big amount of maturity of this investment scheme.

Why is A-15 the right choice for a short-term investment scheme?

A-15 is a term deposit product by Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society exclusively available for its members only. When you avail this investment scheme, you are subjected to the tenure of 15 months and yes, you get the most competitive term deposit rates. This investment scheme offers a term deposit rate of approximately 10.98% which is compounded quarterly.

Moreover, you can get additional benefits such as nomination facility, loan facility, and secure returns. With short tenure, the minimum amount that you need to invest in this investment scheme is ₹5000 that is followed by further investments in the multiple of ₹200. When you make an investment of ₹5000, you get guaranteed maturity value of ₹5725 on completion of the tenure of 15 months.

A-15 is most suitable if you are not willing to lock your savings for a longer period of time and seeking term deposit rates to get maturity value that offers more benefits. And the additional benefit of loan can also be availed.

It’s time to put a period on your search for the most suitable investment scheme for short-term investment as you have found A-15. If you want to invest in this term deposit scheme or get more details about it than visit A-15 or your nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society.


Adarsh Bachat Patra -Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Bachat Patra – The investment scheme to double your investments

Investing your precious earnings can be a big decision in one’s life, and with so many options filling up the market it becomes even more difficult to choose which the suitable investment scheme is. Among the pool of schemes and financial products in the market today, there is one scheme that stands out of the lot to double your investment within the given period.

Adarsh Bachat Patra is a term deposit scheme that is by far one of the financial products that offer high term deposit rates. This scheme is exclusively available for the members of the Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society and has a minimum deposit amount of ₹500 that is followed by further investments in the multiple of ₹100.

This is considered as one of the most enticing investment schemes as it offers maturity of two times your invested amount after 72 months of investment with quarterly compounded term deposit rate of approximately 10.03%.

In addition to the high term deposit rates, you get various benefits such as facility of prematurity, which is applicable after three years of investment and only on withdrawal after three years subject to the terms and conditions of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society.

Apart from these competitive benefits, you are also provided with benefits such as nomination facility and loan facility.  The loan facility is available after three years of initial investment and applicable for maximum 60% of the total amount deposited.

If you are thinking to invest your money in any of the term deposit schemes than your search is over at Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society with Adarsh Bachat Patra. After reading the benefits it is quite obvious that even you agree that this term deposit product by Adarsh credit is one the most profitable investment schemes so far and can provide you double your investment.

So invest in this term deposit scheme and sit back until the date of maturity. To know the details, visit Adarsh Bachat Patra.

fixed deposit - adarsh credit

Top 9 advantages of investing in fixed deposits

One of the most-preferred instruments of investment, fixed deposits are opened to earn a high rate of interest on the surplus amount. It is also one of the most flexible investment options as well. An FD allows you to invest the amount as small as ₹ 1000 for your desired tenure. It is considered as a safe investment option as it has nothing to do with the risks associated with the financial market.


Here are top 9 benefits of investing in the fixed deposits:

  1. Easy way to invest

You may open a fixed deposit account very easily, in just a few minutes. May financial organisations also offer mobile application and website to open an FD online. So, no much hassle!


  1. Guaranteed returns

This comes as the most considerable advantage of investing in a fixed deposit that it provides assured returns on your invested amount. Compared to other options like debt funds and mutual funds, returns are guaranteed here, at the end of your tenure.


  1. Encourage the savings

Opening a fixed deposit encourages you to save for your rainy days in the future. It helps you cultivate the practice of saving on a regular basis.


  1. Higher FD interest rates

You often get higher FD interest rates compared to any other investment instrument. With Adarsh Credit, you get the rate of interest up to 11% which is really very good.


  1. Flexible investment instrument

Investing the amount of your choice for the period of your choice! Isn’t it flexible? In case of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, you get a freedom of investing in the short-term fixed deposits that allow you to invest for small tenures- 3, 6 or 9 months.


  1. FDs are risk-free

Stocks, mutual funds, etc. are high-risk investment instruments whereas fixed deposits are away from any kind of such long-term or short-term risk.


  1. Loan availability against your FD

If you open an FD at Adarsh Credit, you can avail a maximum of 60% loan against it abiding the terms and conditions of the society.


  1. Liquid investment

A fixed deposit is a highly-liquid investment option as you can always close it or premature it when there is a financial emergency.


  1. Multiple FDs at a time

You can open more than one FD at the same financial institute at the same time without any hassle. Plus, you may also have multiple FDs across various organisations at the same time.



So now that you know all these advantages, invest in a fixed deposit today! We, at Adarsh Credit, have various terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years on which we pay high fixed deposit interest rates. Enquire more about our FD scheme now.