Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society at IBM Think 2018

The success story of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society unveiled at IBM Think 2018

Being a topic of current discussion and being proud about the work and dedication that Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has shown to rank in the lead of many cooperative societies so far in terms of use of innovative technologies, today, Adarsh Credit stands tall reciting its success story on one of the highly regarded platform, IBM Think 2018.

Just for a brief, IBM organizes a conference every year to encourage thinkers and innovators from various niches, industries, and expertise to their knowledge and stories to make the business world a smarter place to innovate and grow. This flagship conference is the ‘IBM Think’ conference with the watchword, “Challenge yourself to think”, made everyone literally ponder on each of the success stories that were presented in IBM Think 2018 including Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s presence.

The showcase of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s success story was on 20th March 2018 at the IBM Think 2018. The main focus of this showcase was to enlighten everyone about the digital transformation journey that Adarsh Credit has witnessed along with a brief on the technical development of the services provided by Adarsh Credit.

Mr. Rahul Modi, CEO and Managing Director of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society embarked the showcase with a detailed word on the technical development that Adarsh Credit has gone through from the start and what it has attained presently in terms of adoption of latest technologies and included them in their services as well.

This address was followed by the elaboration of the digital transformation journey of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society by Adarsh Credit’s CTO, Mr. Himanshu Shah. He briefly enunciated the journey by highlighting the milestones that have helped Adarsh Credit attain its current stature.

One of the reasons why Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society reached such an esteemed conference was the enhancement of the Adarsh Credit’s mobile application that was uplifted just within a period of 12 weeks to provide the best and lucid experience to the members of the society for carrying out financial services.

A lot more is there in the kitty of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society for its members and looking at their exponential growth they will be leading the trail of cooperative societies in no time.

Explore more about Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society or even better visit the nearest branch to know more about the services and society.

digitization by Adarsh

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society adopts Adobe Sign to avail its members with paperless financial services.

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has always been in news for its inclination towards digitization, and this fact is supported by yet another act, a tie-up with Adobe. Yes, Adarsh has now adopted Adobe e-sign which enables the members of the society to get rid of the physical KYC to carry out financial services and given access to the e-signatures that will be validated through smartphones.

Being a big supporter of the PM Modi’s directive for digitization, Adarsh started by introducing a mobile app which was enhanced within a period of 12 weeks to provide ease to its members. Now Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society is moving towards attaining complete digitization by a tie-up with Adobe for Adobe sign, to reach the goal of becoming completely paperless, cashless and branchless.

This tie-up will lead to easy and reliable documentation process by integration of e-signature with Aadhaar, to ease the process for members and ensure security and reliability.Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has a large number of awards in its kitty for embracing digitization.

Enlisting can begin from ‘Best Adoption of Technology in BFSI’ at the SAP ACE Awards, awards from VMWARE, FIPS, and many more.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has also done a strategic tie up with Oxigen services to provide financial inclusion to 1 lakh new villages. That’s not all, Adarsh is adamant in becoming completely digitized by adopting a secure financial system with blockchain implementation in India by holding hands with BankChain.

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has a lot more in store to adopt digitization, to know more about its activities towards digitization here.

Child care bond - Adarsh credit

Child care bond- An initiative by Adarsh to secure your child’s future

Adarsh Credit never fails to assist its members by keeping them satisfied with its various products and services, helping them to choose the right investment plans. Child care bond is one of those products which are lucrative enough to secure a future for the funds with the best term deposit rates to offer.

By adding Child care bond to its kitty, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society provides its members a high-return deposit scheme to get six times returns on their investment after the tenure of 20 years. With this scheme, we ensure that you get a secured future, for your child or as a support for your old age.

Child care bond allows you to embark with a minimum investment amount of ₹1000 followed by investments in multiples of ₹100. This amount has to be kept for the tenure of minimum 20 years and premature withdrawal is not an option for this scheme. However, you get facilities such as nomination and a high return rate that is six times your invested amount.

Child care bond to secure your child’s future

Just view Child care bond with a perspective of a child care plan, and you will start realizing how ideal this plan is to secure your child’s future. Investing your current savings with a bare minimum amount of ₹1000 today will safeguard your child’s future to fulfill all their dreams and paint a secure future.

This scheme is beneficial in all the possible ways to start saving from an early stage, although the facility for a loan is not available but owing to the extremely high return rate of six times the invested amount within 20 years of tenure, this scheme is a win-win.

As they say, it’s never too late to begin, so start investing in this term deposit as the earlier you start, quicker will be the returns.

Enticing enough to start investing?  Visit to know more about Child care bond.

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society

Adarsh Credit- A truly co-operative multi-state society

While being a lot of co-operative societies India, it takes some concrete efforts to stand apart.  But through years of hard work and excellent financial services, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. has won hearts of more than 2 million people across the country. Since the inception in 1999, we have progressed in our journey to be one of the best credit co-operative societies in India. And today, with more than 800 branches, Adarsh Credit has become a multi-state co-operative society. Read more

Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna

Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna- The best investment plan by Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit always brings to you something that is best in all ways. All our products and services are developed considering the benefits of our members. We wish that you receive high returns on your investments. In order to offer you the best investment schemes, we update our product bucket.

Recently, we have added such an investment scheme called Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna. One of the term deposit products that we offer, this investment plan is exclusively for the members of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. If you wish to invest your savings in this scheme, you will get, on maturity, two and half times your invested amount. Tenure of Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna is 72 months i.e. 6 years.

Also a great investment plan for a girl child

The government of India is putting hard efforts to give the best upbringing to girls in India. Various campaigns are run to educate girls, make them independent and empower the women of our country. Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society is also active in doing various activities for the women empowerment and launching Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna is one of them.

Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna is beneficial especially for your girl child. If you have a girl child, you may consider investing in this scheme. Being one of the best investment plans for a girl child, Bitiya Samriddhi Yojna secures the future of your princess. On investing just ₹ 1000, you get ₹ 2500 after 6 years. You are allowed to invest a minimum of ₹ 1000 after which you can invest in the multiples of ₹ 100.

If you want to avail a loan against this investment scheme, that is also possible. Before 24 months, loan facility is not available but after that, you may avail maximum 60% loan against your invested amount. However premature withdrawal is not allowed with this term deposit scheme, you are given the high rate of interest on your investments.

So invest in this term deposit scheme and sit back until the date of maturity. To know more, enquire now.

Earn more with your FD

How to earn more with your FD

Days are gone when only a few options were available for making an investment. Today, there are a number of options available in a variety of sectors such as stocks and shares, monthly income schemes, National Pension Schemes, SIP, mutual funds, real estate and what not! Despite being a lot of options available, there are people in minds of whom fixed deposits will come first if they are asked about the safest and almost zero-risk option to invest.

Why? Because fixed deposits have shown a lot of benefits to the investors! An FD is one of the most-preferred investment options and the all-time favourite among people. But in this blog, we present you two smart ways with which your FDs will earn you more in addition to the great fixed deposit interest rates.

1) Research always pays off!

How much interest would an FD earn you? That depends on a lot of factors- nature of the FD, its tenure, the rate of interest and the amount to be deposited. So once you decide to invest in an FD, you need to do a good research in order to find out the best scheme of a fixed deposit. Find out which credit co-operative society offers you higher fixed deposit interest rate for shorter tenure. We, at Adarsh credit, offer a high fixed deposit interest rate of up to 10% depending upon the tenure. So, you may consider an FD by Adarsh Credit.

2) Consider reinvesting your FD

On maturity of any fixed deposit, there remain two options on your hands. The first option is to withdraw the maturity amount and block it in one of your major expenses. Secondly, you may reinvest the maturity amount further in another FD or anywhere you wish to. Unless there is a requirement, you may always go for the second option. You wouldn’t realise and the deposited amount will be multiplied by many times in just a few years. This is the wisest option to double or triple your savings. If there isn’t any urgent need or expense, reinvesting the maturity amount is always a very good option.

So keep these two points in mind and start making the most out of your fixed deposits. Cheers!

PS: We have also introduced short-term FDs under which you can invest your money for a short tenure of 3, 6 or 9 months and get high returns. To know more, enquire now.

Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit brings revolution in the field of credit co-operative societies

In the current scenario of the Indian economy, credit co-operative societies have their own importance. And Adarsh Credit has given a tremendous contribution to this. It has brought an incredible revolution in the sector of credit co-operative societies. In support of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas (Collective Efforts Inclusive Growth)’ and Digital India, Adarsh Credit has done a lot.

Right from our one-of-its-kind mobile app Adarsh Money to various competitive financial products, we have always tried to establish transparency between us and our members. With 19 lakh members, we have made a unique identity as a credit co-operative society not only in India but the entire world.

Why people love Adarsh Credit?

From the beginning only, our operations and services have been very transparent. While updating our various products and services, we have also been progressing by leaps and bounds in the technology genre. Our members are facilitated with an extremely helpful mobile app Adarsh Money through which they can access their account from anywhere anytime. Checking account balance, transferring funds, paying utility bills and recharging wallets were not as easy as this before. Adarsh Money’s breakthrough features like touch ID, e-KYC and UPI gateway have made our members’ lives easier! Need more reasons why they love us?

Unique identity of Adarsh Credit in entire world

With our great financial products and transparent operations, we have become India’s largest multi-state credit co-operative society. We have waved our success flag not only in our country but the entire world. And this success was taken as a case study. In addition to this, our MD Mr. Rahul Modi was specially invited to a program held in London for unveiling the roots of our success.

With 19 Lakh members, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. has become one of the most-preferable credit co-operative societies in India. Looking forward to receiving more love from you all.

Thank you!

Adarsh Credit SIP Schemes

Adarsh Credit’s SIP scheme- A tiny step to bigger returns

If you are associated with Adarsh Credit in any way, you must know about our various financial products and services. We offer a wide range of financial products in which you may invest your hard-earned money and get higher returns. SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is one of them.

SIP is nothing but one of the wisest and most disciplined modes of investment. It is a hassle-free approach to make secure investments. The systematic investment plan is named among the most-recommended options for investing for your future.

If you are confused whether you should invest in an SIP scheme or any other investment instrument, here are a few major benefits of the SIP scheme. Have a read and decide on your own:

Advantages offered by an SIP scheme

  • Flexible and disciplined investment

Discipline is the key to successful investments. SIP scheme makes you disciplined to save on a regular basis. You also have the flexibility of deciding the amount of investment and tenure according to your requirement.

  • Higher returns on investments

Compared to any other scheme, this one gives you higher SIP interest rates on long tenure. Apart from this, the power of compound interest helps you get higher returns on maturity.

  • A convenient option

SIP scheme is a hassle-free investment option. You just give a standing instruction to your credit co-operative society or NACH and they will auto-debit from your account. Not much a process!

Adarsh Credit’s SIP scheme

We, at Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society, also offer an SIP scheme in which you may invest and avail great SIP interest rates. For your convenience, we have 3 different SIP schemes to consider:

1) Monthly SIP Scheme

If you invest in this SIP scheme, you’d have to deposit a fixed amount every month on which a cumulative return shall be received on maturity. SIP interest rates depend upon the tenure you decide. You may invest an amount as small as Rs. 100/- every month. Premature and loan facilities are also available with it.

2) Quarterly SIP Scheme

The systematic investment plan can be quarterly too. According to this SIP scheme, you need to deposit a fixed instalment every quarter (three months) on which the interest will be earned as per the decided tenure. SIP interest rates vary from 9% to 11% per year.

3) Half-yearly SIP Scheme

Deposit a fixed amount every 6 months (2 times a year) and get a cumulative return on the date of maturity. The minimum deposit amount is Rs. 1000/- after which you may invest in multiples of Rs. 500/-. Tenure can be anything from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 years. The premature facility is also available.

So, invest in Adarsh Credit’s SIP scheme and earn high returns. To know more, enquire now. Our investment advisors would be more than happy to help you.

Adarsh Credit with STREEBO

Adarsh Credit with STREEBO takes ‘Adarsh Money’ to the next level

When it comes to digitization, Adarsh Credit leaves no stone unturned. This is the reason why we’re among the most techno-savvy credit co-operative societies in India. As a part of our technological advancements, we have developed a mobile app for our society’s members and advisors.

And we are happy to share with you that Houston’s Streebo Inc. has decided to take this Adarsh Money mobile app to the next level. Streebo Inc. is a renowned digital transformation company in Houston. They are working with us to make our mobile app more efficient and advanced in order to provide the best experience of financial transactions to our members and advisors.

More efficient Adarsh Credit mobile app

In just four months, Streebo has developed a revolutionary drag-and-drop application with the use of DX Accelerator. This accelerator has reduced overall app development time for them. So what is new in the app now? Now, members can access their credit account together with availing services such as getting their account statement, fund transfer, utility bill payment as well as recharging their phones, DTH and data cards. On other hand, advisors’ Adarsh Money mobile app has also helped the advisors carry out their financial operations easily. Both these apps have been given easy navigation and user interface. For e-KYC and mobile wallet transactions, it has been linked with UPI gateway as well. Through Streebo DX Accelerator’s ‘point and click interface’, ticket booking and utility services have been made easier than ever before. To make Adarsh Credit mobile app even simpler for the users, log-in through Facebook Messenger has also been activated.

Surge in mobile app users

All these new features are available on both the platforms- iOS and Android. This Adarsh Credit mobile app has been used by almost 1 lakh advisors of Adarsh Credit since December 2017. Moreover, a surge of 60% has been witnessed in the ‘intra-day transactional revenue’ through the mobile application.

Based on the award-winning IBM technology, Streebo DX Accelerator platform is perfect to shape up our dream of revolutionary digital transformation. And we at Adarsh Credit are all set to compete with the world-class financial mobile apps in order to make Adarsh Money best of all.