darsh - India's most renowned cooperative societies

How Adarsh has become one of India’s most renowned cooperative societies?

The story of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. started in 1999 with only a few branches. Far from the realm of technology, the society had a lot of paper work and manual work to do. The goal was to gain the customer trust and to become a global player in the sector of co-operative societies.

As our core business was more emphasized on financial transactions, we provided to our members the best financial services at their doorstep. We started to appoint the Advisors who had played the key role in our success story. On behalf of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society, advisors had started collecting the deposits door-to-door from the members.

Apart from this, we also launched some attractive schemes for the members. Our objective was never to become a profit-making organization. We have always believed to concentrate more on ‘let’s grow’ approach together rather than succeeding individually.

We have always believed to grow together with our members and advisors. This is the reason why we have succeeded to become one of the India’s most recognizable and trusted co-operative societies.