10-year flexi deposit scheme - Adarsh Credit

Secure your money for 10 years with Adarsh Credit for high-interest rates

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is on its way to make all the financial products even more beneficial and flexible for its members. Continuing its contribution in providing various investment schemes that can secure the members’ wealth and give those benefits as well, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is here with yet another such lucrative scheme.

A new form is given to the fixed deposit with higher flexibility and revamp in the fixed deposit interest rates, the new product is a 10-year flexi deposit scheme. This investment scheme is ideal if you are looking forward to investment a comparatively higher amount for a longer period of time.

To invest in this 10-year flexi deposit scheme, the minimum amount that you need to invest is Rs.1000 and further in the multiples of Rs.1000. You can invest as much amount as you want as there are varying interest rates for each and every amount range. The higher the amount the more fixed deposit interest rates you are applying for.

The tenure of this 10-year flexi deposit scheme is 120 months or 10 years after which you can get high benefits on your invested amount. The interest rates vary from 13.50% to 15.00%, subject to the amount invested. If you are investing an amount of 1 Cr or above then you can get an interest rate of 15.00%.

Apart from these highly beneficial fixed deposit interest rates, there are additional benefits that are an add-on with this 10-year flexi deposit scheme. These benefits include premature withdrawal facility available after 3 years with varying interest rates depending on the duration after which you are investing.

Visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to get all the information about 10-year flexi deposit scheme and start investing now!

You can also get all the details by visiting, http://adarshcredit.in/10-year-flexi-deposit-scheme.