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In ACCS Ltd. we work only with members.

  • Any person may be admitted as a member if he/she is an adult as per law, able to enter into legal contract and resides within the area of operation of the society or is engaged in any occupation/service within the area of operation of Society.
  • Every member must hold a single share of Rs. 10/-. Also we have different share capital investment schemes ranging from 1 year to 10 years.
  • After the completion of the tenure, the withdrawal can be done on same day of maturity and amount of investment transferred to the concerned saving account within few minutes after submitting the withdrawal application.
  • Every member of the society shall have the right to one vote in the general body meeting, irrespective of the number of shares he/she holds.
  • In case of death of member the share capital investment amount can be transfer to his/her nominee. The transfer is not complete until the name of the transferee has been duly entered in the register of members of the Society.
  • Dividend is paid by society to members on their investment in share capital.

The details of paid dividend by Adarsh credit for last 10 years is as under:

Financial YearDeclared Dividend
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