Share Capital

Share Capitals with Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society

It is extremely important to invest in shares these days. They provide potential capital gains which grow over a period of time. The average lifestyle cost is constantly increasing with day by day with no relief in sight. Thus, shares have the possibility of generating high, reliable and lasting revenues. Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society caters this need of people by letting them invest in its Share Capital with a good amount of dividends in return.

What happens in Share Capital is that an individual gets to invest some amount of money into an organisation or a company. This comes against the shares of ownership of that company to the individual. The individual is further recognised as a shareholder. Also, he/she acquire the right to exercise certain powers in the functioning of the company. The amount of money that has to be invested to become a shareholder in a company varies greatly. Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society lets an individual hold a single share of a minimal amount of Rs 10. This is further flexible as you can decide the tenure of holding the position as a shareholder. It can differ from 1 year to 10 years.

Once the money is invested, regular dividends are received by the shareholders. This makes Share Capital a dependable investment opportunity. This not only generates a sustainable source of income in bad times but also is a very good long-term solution for our financial needs. When you are old and retired, you don’t want to be dependent upon anyone for your smallest needs. Having a source of income even when you are not working, makes you strong and sound – both financially and emotionally. In cases of untimely death of a shareholder of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society, we transfer the amount to their nominee.

Any person who is 18 years of age or above and stays within the area of operation of the Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has the right to become a member. This is necessary to be able to buy Share Capitals of the society.

To become a shareholder at Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society and gain benefits from our Share Capital, visit our Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s website or our nearest branch for a personal experience. Hurry up today!