Enterprise Mobility Award to Adarsh Credit

Enterprise Mobility Award to Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society

As you all know, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society is named among the best co-operative societies in India. We, at Adarsh Credit offer varied financial products and services. Whether you are a housewife or a successful entrepreneur, we have investment schemes for all the dreams and needs.

The best proof of our best-quality financial services is the awards we get. Yes, we are immensely proud if all our advisors and members with the support of whom we have emerged as such a successful credit co-operative society in the country. There is a huge list of awards that we have won and this time, one more feather is added in our cap.

Enterprise Mobility Award to Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit has recently won the Enterprise Mobility Award from the renowned Indian Express Group. On behalf of the organization, our Mobility Chief Mr. Sameer Modi and IT Head Mr. Ramlal Arya received this award which was presented by Mr. Tapan Singhal, MD and CEO of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. This award holds utmost importance because it was presented during a technical conference held at Pune. Many other banks and financial institutes also enrolled for awards in various categories from which Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society was selected to give this award.

Adarsh Credit in the News

Adarsh Credit in the News

We hereby happily share with you that many newspapers have covered this achievement of Adarsh Credit. Above are the news clippings of two such newspapers who have published this story. You can read full story here:

  1. Dainik Bhaskar)
  2. Patrika)

On this prestigious occasion, our MD and CEO Mr. Rahul Modi mentioned that we are continuously contributing to promote mobility and digital transactions. And this Enterprise Mobility Award is a compliment for our great efforts.

This is not for the first time that we have received an award. For our good acts and CSR activities, we keep getting such awards and accolades. To know about them, keep regularly watching Adarsh Credit’s blog page.

Adarsh Credit to help Anganwadi children

Adarsh Credit to help Anganwadi children with character building and intellectual development

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society is named amongst the most leading and renowned co-operative societies of India. Apart from the core operations and functionalities, we always try to give our 100% when it comes to serving the society. We understand our corporate social responsibilities and look forward to geting involved in such activities when required for the society’s welfare.

Education is the most important to make a good person. We at Adarsh Credit understand this very well and hence, we support character building and intellectual development of the youth.

Adarsh credit adopted ‘Nandghar’ in Goyali

Adarsh Charitable Foundation has adopted many schools and Anganwadis across the country. This time, it’s ‘Nandghar’ in Goyali village of Sirohi, Rajasthan. Its inauguration took place last month by Anita Bhadel, Honourable Minister of Women and Child Development , Rajasthan Government.

On this prestigious occasion, she appreciated the efforts put in by Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society to encourage primary education in the society. She also said that it’s a huge responsibility to think for the youth’s intellectual development and character building in which Adarsh Credit is performing very well. If the Adarsh Credit Co-operative society helps other 140 schools of the district, this entire support will be remembered by everyone as the ‘Adarsh Project’.

Tremendous efforts put in by Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit has adopted 12 Anganwadi schools and in all these education institutes, children’s overall development is happening by providing three main requirements- fundamental facilities, greatest education and finest nutrition. School uniforms have also been provided by the Adarsh Credit to Anganwadi children. On this note, Honourable Minister Anita Bhadel suggested if these uniforms are re-distributed before the term starts, children’s interest to join the schools would even grow more. We at Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.have also decided to help government schools with their infrastructure development and repairing. For this, we would be happy to give 75% of the entire expense.

All these efforts will be contributed for the shining futures of our young generation. Ultimately, these efforts will help them build a good character and grow as good human beings, which is indeed essential for development of any country.

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Rally for River

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society supports ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign

Water is the basic need of any living being and rivers are the main source of water we all consume. It’s not that we use water only for drinking but also for other purposes such as agriculture. If we consider India; on an average, a person requires 1.1 million litres of water every year which might get higher year after year.

On the contrary, the darker side is that the major rivers of India are getting dried. Many have almost vanished and the remaining ones are on the edge of drying or becoming seasonal. When there is rain, there is river and not otherwise! The pressure of infrastructure development and population increase is the core root of this crucial issue.

Present scenario

Brahmaputra, Godavari, Narmada, Yamuna, Ganga and many such rivers are our legacy and assets which fulfil almost 65% of our water needs. But unfortunately, these always-flowing rivers are depleting. If broadly seen, about one quarter part of the entire nation is turning into desert.

Rivers becoming seasonal

Flowing in monsoons and remaining dry for the rest of the season has become the scenario for these rivers. Plus, extreme monsoons and draughts have made a lot of crop failures throughout the nation. It is very vicious to state here that there is an expectation of welcoming even more extreme floods and droughts in the coming 20 to 50 years. Well, let us not think about the future now. But in the present situation also, too many cities are already facing water shortage every morning and some have to pay a lot more amount than the normal just to get one water bottle.

Ganga, Narmada, Cauvery and many such rivers have nourished us for centuries and now, they are drying. Isn’t it our responsibility to save them and nourish them back?

‘Rally for Rivers’ Campaign – The Solution

Under the leadership of Sadhguruji and Isha Foundation, the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign has been started to save these rivers and to create the awareness. Sadhguruji himself had driven a rally from Kanyakumari to Himalayas covering total 16 states and 23 events. Throughout 30 days, this rally lasted and created awareness across the nation.

Role of Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society being one of the most leading and renowned co-operative societies in India, stays always ready to support such issues for the betterment of the nation. We all at Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society enthusiastically support the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign. We have also requested all our members and advisors to join this cause and support it so that we all, together can save our lifelines.

Join this movement now by giving a missed call to +91 80009 80009.

Adarsh - Adopting the latest technologies

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society – Adopting the latest technologies

With help of various technological adaptations, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has always sustained to be most-preferred among other co-operative societies in India. From its genesis, the society has been delivering the best financial services to its members and also winning their hearts.

Let us have a look at some major adaptations we have done so far:

IBM Flash Storage

Adarsh Credit is the first adopter in co-operative segment to spend in IBM Flash Storage. Flash technology allows our business to analyze more data, process more transactions and accelerate the services. At the same time, it also makes us increase the potential business revenue. Recently, we have executed Cisco Unified Communication Setup which is one more adaptation in the sector of co-operative societies.

Furthermore, ISMS Framework has been also defined for the organization. It’s amazing that we have dual MPLS connectivity in each branch with approximately 1 mbps of bandwidth to maintain the failover.

Great security measures

In our organization, we have installed one of the best-known firewall devices entitled as Watch guard in our branches, DC and DR for maintaining the security aspects such as NAT, content filtering, port filtering, IPs (Intrusions Preventions), SPAM blocker, web filtering and MAC based restrictions.

In order to enable virus protection, Symantec End Point (SEP) has been installed which guarantees dual secure layer and does URL based filtering to protect against malwares and viruses.

Great measures in networking

For end-to-end data encryption, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society has implemented IPSEC BO and installed firewalls for all branches for restricting unauthorized handshake. Network Access Controller (NAC) is used for establishing end-point security to limited access in Adarsh’s network. Here, devices aren’t endorsed to connect unless they meet pre-defined business policies that are enforced by NAC product every time if any connection is to be attempted.

By using such advancements in technologies and tools, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society is on the way forward to deliver best services to its members and advisors.

cashless economy with Adarsh

The dream of cashless economy, now a reality with Adarsh

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes that, “We will only succeed in bringing a change only when we change ourselves.” Digitization has proven to be a good change for our country and Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Ltd. has given a remarkable contribution in making India go digital.

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s Mobile Money Application Adarsh Money has joined hands with digital wallet Oxigen and has led digitization revolution in the country. This has given our members a whole new experience in making financial transactions. Through our digital wallet transactions, it seems that the cashless dream is going to become a reality very soon.

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. has played a significant role in making rural India to avail financial services through our various technological adaptations. The mobile money application ‘Adarsh Money’ is one of them which has made it possible for rural India to engage in online payment methods and by doing this, the transparency in financial transactions has also been enhanced.

Apart from this, Adarsh mobile money application has enabled us to take care of the complaints of our members and advisors. Adarsh Mobile Money applicaton has also extended the scope of resolving the complaints in a very short period of time.

With Adarsh Money mobile application, we have become successful in bridging the gap between rural population and financial transactions. Now people from rural India need not to come across long distance to use Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s services for their financial transactions. Account handling or financial transactions or investing in any deposit scheme’s – everything is now at their fingertip, just one touch away.

Through Adarsh Mobile Money application, we have provided various services to our members such as NEFT/RTGS to any bank account across the country, easy money transfer, mobile recharges and digital transactions. Adarsh Credit Co- Operative Society has more than 1.7 million members and more than 809 branches and by using our advanced technology in financial services we have been successful in delivering the best-in-class financial services to our members.

Such advanced technological adaptation in financial sectors has been used by one and the only co-operative society in India and that is Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society is progressing day by day and there is tremendous rise in our Adarsh mobile money application users, thus we can say that India’s dream of becoming a cashless economy is going to be a reality very soon.

darsh - India's most renowned cooperative societies

How Adarsh has become one of India’s most renowned cooperative societies?

The story of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. started in 1999 with only a few branches. Far from the realm of technology, the society had a lot of paper work and manual work to do. The goal was to gain the customer trust and to become a global player in the sector of co-operative societies.

As our core business was more emphasized on financial transactions, we provided to our members the best financial services at their doorstep. We started to appoint the Advisors who had played the key role in our success story. On behalf of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society, advisors had started collecting the deposits door-to-door from the members.

Apart from this, we also launched some attractive schemes for the members. Our objective was never to become a profit-making organization. We have always believed to concentrate more on ‘let’s grow’ approach together rather than succeeding individually.

We have always believed to grow together with our members and advisors. This is the reason why we have succeeded to become one of the India’s most recognizable and trusted co-operative societies.

Indias most recognizable co-operative societies

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society – One of India’s most recognizable Co-operative Societies

  • More than 1.7 million members
  • More than 2.5 lakh advisors
  • More than 809 branches

These numbers speak nothing but the prestige and success of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society. Started in the year 1999, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society had a vision to accelerate its reach to every curve across the country and today with more than 809 physical branches; it is now present in almost each and every corner of the country.

We have always tried to make Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, one of the best co-operative societies in India and we are happy to say that we have been successful throughout our journey. We have enriched the financial and social status of our members by offering member-centric and by providing good quality services using most advanced technologies in financial services.

Moreover, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society has won the hearts of its members by providing the best financial services. It is available to serve its members anytime 24*7. The members can also place any grievances or request from any place of the country during anytime of the day.

We, at Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society, have always keen to adopt the best practices in terms of technologies and business processes. This has made Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society to be unique and most recognizable amongst all other co-operative societies of the country.

Busting all the rumours!

Busting all the rumours!

Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. is a reputed multistate credit cooperative society. We believe that the most important factor that provides sustainable competitive advantage in our business is our own people – our members. By providing the most-preferred financial services across the country, we strive to create an environment that attracts and nurtures our members. We aim to deliver quality and delightful experiences by driving innovation through our bestin- class services and products.

It is said that last year, the Branch Manager of our Agarwal Market branch at Bokaro, was wrongly alleged and taken into custody. They all were the allegations and rumours that were spread last year because of which we had to go through a severe interruption in our day-to-day financial activities. We would like to inform you that whatever happened in the past was unfortunate.

This entire matter of allegations and arrest happened in June, 2016. Almost a year has passed now and everything is on track once again. But miserably, some fellows are still spreading such rumours with a wrong intention of spoiling the reputation and goodwill of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. which is not acceptable. We would like to request you not to be a part of such rumours. Kindly shatter such fake news when you come across any.

Also, we assure you that our work is progressing smoothly without any flaw. Being our valuable members, we thank you all for your great support in our tough time. We are grateful that you have chosen us and that you keep faith in us.

Thank you!