MD Bday - Adarsh Credit

Adarsh Credit’s MD celebrated his birthday in a unique way

Usually, what do you do on your birthday? How do you celebrate it? Friends, parties, dinners, cakes, gifts and a lot of other things, right? But we at Adarsh Credit are somewhat different. We believe to do good things and spread positivity around us. Our MD Rahul Modi has recently added one more year to his age. Congratulations to him, first of all!

He is an amazing person and such an amazing was the way in which he celebrated his birthday! Adarsh Credit has always believed in doing something for the betterment of the society and communities. We strongly believe that apart from our business and morals, we must also give significance to serving the humanity. To continue it, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society always remains active through Adarsh Charitable Foundation to continue serving the society and the nation.

Unique birthday celebration

Our MD and CEO Rahul Modi also have such noble beliefs and hence, he decided to celebrate his important day in a unique way. He celebrated his 32nd birthday in an old-age home called Anubandh in Jodhpur. All the elders in this old-age home heartily welcomed Mr Modi and he touched their feet and took blessings for his birthday. Not only this, but he also gave a donation to this organisation of things which they were really in need of. Moreover, in order to facilitate easy transportation to the elders here, Mr Rahul Modi also gifted a brand new car.

Apart from this, Mr Modi also distributed fruits and biscuits to the needy ones in the areas surrounding all the branches of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society.

In this techno-savvy world, while we are living a busy and fancy lifestyle, Mr Rahul Modi spent time and chose a unique as well as simple way to celebrate his birthday.

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