Start to chip in your MIS scheme to get monthly returns

If you are planning on embarking an investment plan or going for some schemes, then you should consider factors such as tenure, interest rates, how the interest is compounded etc. After deciding the priority of your choice only you can finalize an investment plan.

Among the plethora of choices available, there is a very interesting and lucrative investment plan by Adarsh Credit. This scheme is Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s monthly income scheme, the MIS scheme.

MIS scheme should be your first choice if you are looking forward to get returns every month that too with higher MIS interest rates. To opt for any investment plans, whether it is MIS scheme or any other scheme, you need to know the complete details about it, the ins and outs, advantages and drawbacks, only then you can decide whether it is suitable for your investment or not.

To begin with, Adarsh Credit’s MIS scheme is monthly income scheme that allows you to invest desired amount and get returns every month with MIS interest rates varying from 8.50% to 11.25%.

Under MIS scheme, you can invest any amount greater than ₹10,000 followed by investments in the multiples of ₹1000. The tenure of this MIS scheme may vary by the selection of the member and at Adarsh Credit you can invest your amount from a minimum of 1 year to maximum 6 years.

The MIS interest rate varies depending upon the tenure, amount and the investing person. There are special MIS interest rates for female members and senior citizens in the case they are investing in the MIS scheme.

There are special benefits of higher MIS interest rates for investments in lump sum amounts ranging from ₹15 lac to ₹1 Cr. And in this case also the female members and senior citizens get benefits of higher MIS interest rates.

Along with these interest rates and benefits, you get additional benefits such as premature withdrawal facility and loan facility. These benefits are subjected to the rules and regulations of the society and MIS scheme.

To get into the details of this scheme and know more about all the interest rates visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society or just browse Adarsh Credit MIS scheme.

Adarsh Credit investment schemes

This Diwali, invest with Adarsh Credit and get maximum returns

Needless to say what Diwali expenses are like in India. It is the biggest festival and demands a lot of money expenses. If not spent wisely, all your savings can vanish just in a while! What to do?

Save as much as you can!

Diwali is an extravaganza that comes and steals all your savings away! Saving is most important to cover our major Diwali expenses such as new clothes, household things, gifts, house renovation and more. If you keep a habit of saving a little amount everyday throughout the year, those savings can do a lot for you in during Diwali time.

Are you one of them who believe in storing the savings somewhere in the cupboard? If yes, then you are being greatly mistaken. Because you are missing on a very good rate of interest. Deposit your savings in the right investment scheme and see it get double/triple in no time.

Invest with Adarsh Credit

We at Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society bring to you some most competitive and money-minting investment schemes which you can consider. This will help you earn higher interest rates and guaranteed good returns. Following are a few of our investment plans:

1. Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

With Adarsh Credit’s MIS scheme, you may invest a particular amount and get return on it every month till the tenure ends. Tenure of your scheme can be anything ranging from 12 months to 72 months. According to your MIS plan, we offer a high rate of interest (8-10%) on your MIS deposits. Investing your savings in MIS scheme can give you enough money to spend for the Diwali month.

2. A-36 Term Deposit

This is a Term Deposit plan which allows you to deposit an amount of minimum Rs. 500 after which you can deposit in a multiple of Rs. 100. This scheme runs for 36 months (3 years). The rate of interest for A-36 term deposit scheme is 10.13%, compounded quarterly. So if you invest 1 lakh this Diwali, you will get 1 lakh 35 thousand on the Diwali after 3 years.

3. Fixed Deposit

Adarsh Credit offers you high-interest fixed deposit schemes. Based on the tenure of your fixed deposit, attractive FD interest rates are paid. Tenure may vary from 12 months to 60 months and interest, from 9 to 10%.For the women and senior citizen members, we offer 1% extra interest rate on your fixed deposit.

So which investment plan are you willing to go with? Invest now and save for your next many Diwali seasons. Hurry!