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Adarsh Credit offers high term deposit rates with the A-18 scheme

It is a tough task to convince oneself and trust any investment scheme with your hard earned money and Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society can act as a reliable option that gives high returns. There are a number of term deposit products and investment schemes that allow you to gain high benefits for your investment with high term deposit rates.

Out of all the financial product options for short-term investment, the latest A-18 term deposit scheme is the perfect choice for you as it has a shorter tenure and higher term deposit rate. You have to invest your wealth for a period of 18 months and get high benefits on your invested amount at the end of the tenure.

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society makes sure that all the financial products are devised such that everyone can get benefit from it. You can invest any amount starting from Rs.5000 and after that, you can invest in multiples of Rs.100. So, you can get higher term deposit rates on a small investment for a short span of 18 months and gain benefits.

On an investment of Rs.5000, A-18 term deposit scheme provides Rs.6200 on maturity after 18 months. Apart from gaining high term deposit rates, you also get the benefit of nomination facility for this term deposit product.

In case you are thinking about the availability of loan facility, then Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society will not let you down. By investing in A-18 term deposit scheme you can avail the loan facility for a maximum of 60% against the amount that is deposited. The interest rates for availing the loan facility are subjected to society’s terms and conditions in the loan facility-term deposit section.

To avail high term deposit rates with the A-18 scheme, visit the nearest branch of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society to get personal assistance. You can even get details about A-18 term deposit scheme and invest by visiting,

Higher term deposit rates

Adarsh Exclusive Products for higher term deposit rates

Since genesis of Adarsh, we have been catering various financial services and products to our members. Apart from being most competitive among the products offered by other co-operative societies in India, our products also help you earn higher interest rates than others.

We have products for your every dream, need and wish. In addition to major products such as savings account, current account and FD, Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. offers you an elite range of investment schemes called Adarsh Exclusive Products. This elite range comprises of various Term Deposit schemes under which you can get your investment multiplied within a short tenure. Read ahead to know more about these schemes:


While allowing you to invest the minimum amount of Rs. 5000 for a short tenure of 15 months, A-15 is the Term Deposit scheme. It helps you earn high term deposit interest rate of approximately 10.98% (Quarterly Compound).

Adarsh 18

This 18-month Term Deposit scheme offers you approximately 10.60% rate of interest on your valuable deposit. Apart from pretty good interest, Adarsh 18 also provides you several other perks. Nomination availability, loan facility and secured returns are to name a few.


A-36 offers you the best return on your investment at the end of 3 years of its fixed term. You can make an investment as small as just Rs. 500 after which you can invest in multiples of Rs. 100. The Term Deposit interest rate you get with A-36 is somewhere around 10.13% (Quarterly Compound).

Adarsh Bachat Patra

Within just 84 months of tenure, you can double your investment with Adarsh Bachat Patra. Available exclusively for the Adarsh members, this Term Deposit comes with a benefit of premature withdrawal according to some defined conditions by the society.

Adarsh Triple

As its name depicts, Adarsh Triple gives you three times your invested amount on maturity (after 144 months). With approximately 9.26% rate of interest, this Term Deposit scheme allows you to deposit the minimum amount of Rs. 500 and for further investment; you can invest in multiples of Rs. 100.

So in which Term Deposit scheme do you want to invest? Not sure? Place an inquiry and we will help you decide the right option for you.