Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society at IBM Think 2018

The success story of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society unveiled at IBM Think 2018

Being a topic of current discussion and being proud about the work and dedication that Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society has shown to rank in the lead of many cooperative societies so far in terms of use of innovative technologies, today, Adarsh Credit stands tall reciting its success story on one of the highly regarded platform, IBM Think 2018.

Just for a brief, IBM organizes a conference every year to encourage thinkers and innovators from various niches, industries, and expertise to their knowledge and stories to make the business world a smarter place to innovate and grow. This flagship conference is the ‘IBM Think’ conference with the watchword, “Challenge yourself to think”, made everyone literally ponder on each of the success stories that were presented in IBM Think 2018 including Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s presence.

The showcase of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society’s success story was on 20th March 2018 at the IBM Think 2018. The main focus of this showcase was to enlighten everyone about the digital transformation journey that Adarsh Credit has witnessed along with a brief on the technical development of the services provided by Adarsh Credit.

Mr. Rahul Modi, CEO and Managing Director of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society embarked the showcase with a detailed word on the technical development that Adarsh Credit has gone through from the start and what it has attained presently in terms of adoption of latest technologies and included them in their services as well.

This address was followed by the elaboration of the digital transformation journey of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society by Adarsh Credit’s CTO, Mr. Himanshu Shah. He briefly enunciated the journey by highlighting the milestones that have helped Adarsh Credit attain its current stature.

One of the reasons why Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society reached such an esteemed conference was the enhancement of the Adarsh Credit’s mobile application that was uplifted just within a period of 12 weeks to provide the best and lucid experience to the members of the society for carrying out financial services.

A lot more is there in the kitty of Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society for its members and looking at their exponential growth they will be leading the trail of cooperative societies in no time.

Explore more about Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society or even better visit the nearest branch to know more about the services and society.