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Top 9 advantages of investing in fixed deposits

One of the most-preferred instruments of investment, fixed deposits are opened to earn a high rate of interest on the surplus amount. It is also one of the most flexible investment options as well. An FD allows you to invest the amount as small as ₹ 1000 for your desired tenure. It is considered as a safe investment option as it has nothing to do with the risks associated with the financial market.


Here are top 9 benefits of investing in the fixed deposits:

  1. Easy way to invest

You may open a fixed deposit account very easily, in just a few minutes. May financial organisations also offer mobile application and website to open an FD online. So, no much hassle!


  1. Guaranteed returns

This comes as the most considerable advantage of investing in a fixed deposit that it provides assured returns on your invested amount. Compared to other options like debt funds and mutual funds, returns are guaranteed here, at the end of your tenure.


  1. Encourage the savings

Opening a fixed deposit encourages you to save for your rainy days in the future. It helps you cultivate the practice of saving on a regular basis.


  1. Higher FD interest rates

You often get higher FD interest rates compared to any other investment instrument. With Adarsh Credit, you get the rate of interest up to 11% which is really very good.


  1. Flexible investment instrument

Investing the amount of your choice for the period of your choice! Isn’t it flexible? In case of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, you get a freedom of investing in the short-term fixed deposits that allow you to invest for small tenures- 3, 6 or 9 months.


  1. FDs are risk-free

Stocks, mutual funds, etc. are high-risk investment instruments whereas fixed deposits are away from any kind of such long-term or short-term risk.


  1. Loan availability against your FD

If you open an FD at Adarsh Credit, you can avail a maximum of 60% loan against it abiding the terms and conditions of the society.


  1. Liquid investment

A fixed deposit is a highly-liquid investment option as you can always close it or premature it when there is a financial emergency.


  1. Multiple FDs at a time

You can open more than one FD at the same financial institute at the same time without any hassle. Plus, you may also have multiple FDs across various organisations at the same time.



So now that you know all these advantages, invest in a fixed deposit today! We, at Adarsh Credit, have various terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years on which we pay high fixed deposit interest rates. Enquire more about our FD scheme now.