Investment Plan

Top 4 investment plans of 2017 by Adarsh Credit

Just a couple of days and we shall start the New Year! So how was your 2017 financially? We hope you all had the good one. If we talk about Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society, our 2017 was also great. With the immense support of our members and advisors, we have reached a whole new level in the sector of credit co-operative societies in India.

Through this piece of content, we want to let you know about our top 4 investment plans in the year of 2017. Have a look:

1. Fixed Deposits

We, at Adarsh Credit, offer various investment plans and fixed deposit is one of them. In this year, many members have invested in this FD investment plan. Through this investment plan, Adarsh Credit allows you to invest a fixed amount for a fixed duration. For your decided tenure, you get a particular high fixed deposit interest rate. Moreover, if you are a woman or a senior citizen, you get 1% additional rate of interest.

2. Monthly Income Schemes

Monthly Income Plan or MIS is another well-known investment scheme where you can invest a particular amount and get a return on it, every month. On a competitive MIS interest rate, you will get returns on a monthly basis till the date of maturity. The minimum amount of investment is Rs. 10,000/- after which you can invest in multiples of Rs. 1000/-.

3. Adarsh Triple

One of the term deposits, Adarsh Triple triples your investment in no time. Yes, in the duration of 144 months (on maturity), you get tripled your deposited amount. A good number of youngsters have invested in Adarsh triple in the year of 2017. If you have some savings on hands which you think, you wouldn’t need anytime soon, lock it in this term deposit scheme. After 12 years of tenure, you get three times of your invested amount.

4. A-15 Term Deposit product

Another term deposit product, A-15 is an Adarsh Exclusive product. You can earn great term deposit interest rates with Adarsh Credit’s A-15 scheme. You can deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 5000/- after which the investment can be made in multiples of Rs. 200/-.

No problem if 2017 has gone; there is 2018 coming which you can make financially strong. Become a member of Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society and get benefit from all our money-minting investment plans.