best term deposit rates - Adarsh triple

Triple your investment with ‘Adarsh triple’ and get high term deposit rates by Adarsh

Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society brings for you a term deposit plan that allows you to bag a huge return on investment of a small amount for the tenure of 12 years. With the term deposit rates offered among various term deposit schemes in the market currently, Adarsh Credit has taken a step towards offering Adarsh Triple scheme exclusively for its members.

This triple term deposit plan starts with a minimum initial investment of ₹ 500, followed by further investments in the multiple of ₹ 100. The tenure of this scheme is 144 months or 12 years to get the triple amount that you invested at the end of the tenure.

With this scheme you get benefits of nomination facility and loan facility is also available after 5 years after availing this scheme. Along with this, you can even pre-mature your term deposit after 6 years and avail the best term deposit rates as per the Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society terms and conditions.

The reason why Adarsh Triple is considered as one of the lucrative schemes offering high term deposit rates is that you get a whopping three times of the amount that you invested after 144 months and that just adds to your savings. Your initial investment now can lead to triple the invested amount when you will actually need it, whether it is for your child’s education, wedding or supporting their dreams and aid in your old age. Adarsh Triple is best to be your support when you are in need of it the most.

To avail Adarsh Triple and know more about this term deposit plan offering the best term deposit rates among other competitors, visit Adarsh Triple and get all the information. You can even drop by at our nearest branch and get benefits of this scheme.