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Why choose FD over any other investment scheme

One should always spend after saving his share for the emergencies.But many of us do reverse of this- we spend at the first and then, save what is left.This habit can put you at risk. What if you don’t have a provision for the emergencies?You might have to face some serious difficulties.

This is why it is important to make savings. What can be better for this than a good investment? From a variety of investment options, fixed deposit is the best one as it carries a lot of benefits over other investment schemes.

Brought to you some good reasons why you should invest in an FD:

No risk associated!

There is a variety of investment instruments available such as gold schemes, mutual funds, etc. They can surely endow you with high interests but not all are stable in nature. A fixed deposit is an option which you can rely upon to fulfil your future goals as it is the debt instrument and gives you assured return on the maturity. So no risk associated!

Liquid asset

Whenever an asset can easily be converted into cash, it is considered as liquid asset and a fixed deposit is such an asset. However there are chances that the investor may be penalised, it can be withdrawn when there is a need.This way, you always have a certain sum of money to count on.

Investment for flexible tenure

A fixed deposit allows you to invest for your desired period. The tenure can be as small as 7 days and as long as even 10years. According to your personal or business requirements, you can choose the period.However the FD interest rates will change according to the tenure you select.

Your friend for emergencies

An FD can save you at the time of emergency. You might need to withdraw it before its date of maturity but then also,it’s good that you can avail the moneyat your will. Many financial organisations provide the loans against your FD. So in the uncertain conditions, you may take loans against your FDs and you are saved!

Someone has wisely said that your savings will work for you when you don’t work. So think smart and go invest an FD today!Checkout various FD schemes of Adarsh, now!